This day 16 years ago.. the saddest day of my life..

Rest in Peace, Mother. I wish that someday we’ll meet again in the next life… Amin!

O dear God… save her n take her under your arms.


Going International

Maret 18, 2008

I’m quoting this review from here!

Band Of The Day

They are called White Shoes & The Couples Company. I think I was in love with them the first time I even heard the name. They’re from Jakarta, Indonesia – like, how many indie bands making their own back-to-the-future sounds do you know from downtown Jakarta? I mean, c’mon. A breath of fresh air on the last night of SXSW 2008, White Shoes (lots of bands with ‘white’ in their name this year – hey, it’s a trend) came onstage and we all start swooning with delight. At this stage of the game – they’re band number 80something for me – it’s becoming a blur and the bands are starting to sound the same. Or, like, that awful, terrible, ridiculous, pointless band who played just before White Shoes, sounding like The Blizzards fronted by Paddy Casey playing the greatest hit of The Coronas. Yeah, that bad.

Then, White Shoes appear and, you know what, they deserve a new paragraph of their own. On a new page

A bunch of happy-as-you like kids playing sunnysideup pop with lots of glammy straight-no-chaser oohs and aahs, the band exude charm and gumption and sass. You know right away – and oh boy, she knows it too – that their lead singer is a star. Aprilia Apsar pouts and smiles and points her fingers a lot like all stars do. She also does a spot of singing. Then, the drummer gets in on the act, playing a wicked drum solo and ending by juggling his drumsticks. You have to smile. The music too is quite wonderful – all retro-facing, darling, old-fashioned songs to learn and sing. Put on your White Shoes today.”

Now. This is what we call “Going International.” Not like some singer/band that talk too much about going international but only out to Malaysia… LOL 😀 Salut for White Shoes & The Couples Company.

Fuk the BAD LUCK, fuk the ref, fuk the red card, fuck the result..

Owen-Paul !?!?!? NGAPAIN AJA LO BEDUA!?!?!? Patrick-Wes !?!?!?! NYERANG MULU LUPA BERTAHAN !?!?!?! TOLOL ah!!!! Dan laennya yg gak kesebut.. bukan berarti kalian maen bagus.. ANCUR!!! Itu dia.. permainan kalian malam ini di Theater Of Dream is a Nightmare!!!

aargghhH !!! goodbye FA Cup.. satu2nya ajang yg bisa bikin gw liat Man Utd Live, berakhir di malam ini !!! FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUK!


bete hingga lupa nulis huruf C dikata FUK (nah kan lupa lagi) 😦

Yah beberapa foto (jepret pake HP) saat gw nonton konsernya Explosions In The Sky tgl 19 Februari kemarin di Ruums Club, Kuala Lumpur – Malaysia.

Malam yg tak akan gw lupain. The show was Amazing. The crowds was great. Eargasm berjamaah !!! Hiks.. pengen lagi liat n dengar EITS live !!! Sensasinya beda daripada sekedar dengerin CD/Mp3-nya. Yaaah semoga ada kesempatan lagi buat nonton live EITS. Dan tentunya band2 post-rock lainnya.. Sigur Ros, Mogwai, Mono, dan laen2!!!


My EITS ticket